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Every debtor must attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors. At this meeting, the Trustee and Creditors have an opportunity to question the debtor about their finances and the information filed with the court. You must bring government issued documentation to establish your identity and your social security number. Most people bring their driver’s license and social security card. Confirm with your attorney you have all required and sufficient information prior to your 341 meeting of creditors.

At this time, the Trustee is conducting 341 Meeting of Creditors by telephone: 1-877-691-9878. Enter passcode 2488085 to enter into the  conference line.

If you need language interpretation assistance, please notify our office in advance of the hearing so we can be prepared to conference in a language interpreter for your meeting.

You may call our office at (209) 576-1954 during normal office hours or email us at

Annually, the Trustee will send you and the Debtor(s) a complete record of all receipts and disbursements. It will tell you exactly how much money the Trustee has received and what distributions have been made in your case. You may also monitor your cases online at

All attorneys have the ability to sign up for 13Network ( to review the plan payments that have been received by the trustee's office. The information displayed on the site will aid in determining whether or not those payments are sufficient to complete the Chapter 13 plan confirmed by the court. Please complete a Computer Access Agreement to gain access to this service.

When the Debtor(s) case is confirmed and they are delinquent two or more payments, our office will file a Notice of Default with the Bankruptcy Court. Once the Notice of Default is filed, the Debtor(s) have thirty days to become current, modify their plan, or request a hearing with the Bankruptcy Court. Within the thirty days, another plan payment may become due on the 25th of the month. Please contact your Debtor(s) immediately upon receiving this notice to avoid dismissal of their case.

After the claims bar period expires, the Trustee’s office will mail a Notice of Filed Claims to you and your Debtor(s). The Notice of Filed Claims will be based on the claims register from the court and any conformed proofs of claim received by the Trustee. The Notice of Filed Claims will list all creditors who have filed claims, all creditors listed on Debtor(s) schedules who have not filed claims, and the amount of each claim. You should review the Notice of Filed Claims promptly and carefully. All filed claims listed on the Notice of Filed Claims, including duplicate claims, late-filed claims, or claims which were discharged in a prior Chapter 7 case, will be paid by the Trustee unless you successfully object to the claim or the creditor amends or withdraws the claim.

You are in the best position to know whether the claims listed on the Notice of Filed Claims are legitimately your Debtor(s) debts. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that only valid claims are paid.

If you feel that your Debtor(s) do not owe certain debts listed on the Notice of Filed Claims, do not contact the Trustee’s office. Unless there is a court order, the Trustee has no authority to withhold payments to a creditor who has filed a proof of claim. If you do not schedule a hearing and successfully object to the claim, or if the creditor does not amend or withdraw the claim, the Trustee will pay the claim as filed. Letters or telephone calls to the Trustee do not constitute objections to claims and will not stop the Notice of Filed Claims period from running. The form and content of objections to claims are governed by Local Bankruptcy Rules and other applicable law.

Effective immediately, the Trustee's office will cease accepting documents by email. Instead, all documents must be uploaded to Bankruptcy Documents by visiting, a secure file transfer service used by many Chapter 13 trustees. You must register an account in order to send documents by clicking here. If you need additional help with registering and uploading documents, view the Bankruptcy Documents Registration Instructions.

Need a complete copy of a Final Report and Accounting?

Please fill out the form and include the following information in the Message: Mailing Address

You can also call (209) 576-1954 ext. 200 and provide your name, address, bankruptcy case number, email address, phone number, and how you'd like to receive a copy: email or mail.

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